Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lament for a Lost Child

I'm home from my trip, only to resume the journey of bereavement. A year and three months ago, we lost our son. A year and a couple weeks ago, I started this blog. It seems a fitting time to share this lament, another work-in-progress. I imagine it will get longer the longer we live with this loss. Right now, I can't see how the verses will end.

The stream is rushing in the canyon

The wildflowers coming into bloom

You’re not here to see this springtime

Because you had a sense of doom

Refrain: How I wish that I had told you

Every day and every night

That I loved you and would help you

And everything would be all right

I could see the darkness falling

Like a veil across your face

If you'd only gone for treatment

Could despair have been erased?

Everyone is grieving for you

Do you know how much you’re missed?

No more late night conversation

No more curly head to kiss

I’ll forever beg forgiveness

For what I said and what I did

If I’d known, I would have done otherwise

But you kept the worst things hid

I made that trip to Europe for you

Walked along the Spree and Seine

Where the young come out to party--

Another place you should have been

You would have come to love our puppy

If you had seen him with your old eyes

We couldn’t bear this year without him

He is our consolation prize*

*Note: All poetry on this blog is original unless attributed to others.

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