Friday, March 20, 2015

Year 3, Day 1: Memorial Bracelet

Today, day 1 of year 3 since Noah's death, I am excited to be wearing a bracelet in his memory, made for me by my dear friend Ellen.* I love looking down and seeing this circle of Noah's life around my wrist, a constant reminder that I can see, touch, and kiss. Precious stones, precious life.

Here is what each piece means to me:

- dog charm for Noah's bond with Wags (our family dog) and other people's pets
- turquoise for his love of the ocean, surfing, sailing, kayaking--and his dream of circling the globe
- croissant charm for his time in France, his passion for cooking and good food
- peridot for his green eyes, his eye for film and photography, the mountains we hiked as a family, the Marne River where he lived on a houseboat in France
- 3 balls for his years of juggling with his dad, brother, and others at festivals and family events
- golden pearl for his beautiful mind and tender soul
- heart charm for the love he gave and received from all of us who hold him in our hearts
- amethyst (my birthstone) for his place in my soul and mine in his

* For more info on memorial bracelets, please see the Resources page of this blog

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  1. Susan, what a wonderful, beautiful way to remember Noah and the wonderful and beautiful in his life. Blessings of peace, Marjorie